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We offer affordable mattress removal in Amelia Island, FL. Depend on our quality service with easy online booking and friendly pickups.


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Depending on the condition of your mattress, we do our best to dispose of it in the most responsible method.

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The easiest, affordable way to get rid of an old mattress in Amelia Island

Let us at Mattress Disposal Plus in Amelia Island, FL, give your old mattress the send-off it deserves—into the arms of recycling or donation, not just tossed aside like last year’s smartphone. Here’s to clean sheets and cleaner consciences!

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Don’t let your old mattress fade away like last season’s trends. In Amelia Island, Mattress Disposal Plus champions the cause of giving it a dignified exit—through recycling or donation when possible. As you usher in the era of pristine bedding, rest easy knowing your old mattress is off to make a difference. Here’s to making room for the new, responsibly!

**Depending on item condition, we cannot guarantee acceptance for donation or recycling.

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Need to ditch that old recliner, along with the mattress, bed frame, or box spring? If it’s big, bulky, or just plain ugly, we’re your crew. We’ll lift, load, and lug it away—no sweat off your back. And for those who procrastinate, yes, we do rush deliveries with same-day and next-day pickups!

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We divert as many mattresses, box springs, and furniture from landfills through recycling and donation.

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Local mattress disposal is just around the corner in Nassau County. You can spot us serving our friends and neighbors in areas like Charleston Park, Olga, and Portico. We’re committed to our community, ensuring quick and responsible removal to keep Caloosahatchee Shore beautiful.

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**Mattress Disposal Plus partners with independent contractors and connects you with top-rated local service providers. Terms

Since mattresses are considered big and bulky waste, they can be difficult to get rid of. There are a few different solutions for getting rid of your mattress in Amelia Island including donating to charity, visiting a recycling center, selling your mattress, scheduling local bulk trash pickup or hiring a mattress disposal professional.

For the easiest and safest mattress disposal solution from a trusted professional, you may want to consider Mattress Disposal Plus. We handle all the heavy lifting and transportation so you never have to worry about a thing. We even offer easy online booking and are one of the only mattress disposal companies in Amelia Island to offer transparent upfront pricing.

Simply, book a pickup online to receive a guaranteed upfront quote for affordable mattress disposal in Amelia Island, Florida. Then pick a convenient pickup time and we will be on our way to haul your unwanted mattress and box springs. After we remove your mattress, Mattress Disposal Plus specializes in responsible mattress disposal and we always try to dispose on your unwanted mattress in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Finding a Nassau County recycling center may be easy, but finding one that accepts mattresses has become more difficult than you may think. Most recycling facilities are subsidized by the government and funding has been cut due to over capacity, economics and shortage of available resources. This has limited mattress recycling options in Amelia Island and recycling may not even be available in your area.

Many removal companies aim to recycle but unfortunately it is sometimes left out of their control. There are recycling alternatives such as donation, selling, repurposing and working with the city to find adequate solutions to avoid the landfill at all costs.

At Mattress Disposal Plus, we do our best to responsibly dispose of old mattresses and recycle as much as possible. We cannot guarantee that your mattress will be recycled but we are always looking for new and innovative ways to handle mattress problems in efforts to keep them out of local Amelia Island landfills.

The cost of mattress disposal in Amelia Island, FL can vary based on your zip code but typically pricing ranges between $85 – $130. At Mattress Disposal Plus, our cost for mattress disposal starts at only $89 and includes the pickup, removal and proper disposal of your unwanted mattress. If you need your box springs removed as well, the price will be an additional $15 and the total cost for the disposal of your mattress and box springs combo usually comes out to around $104. To get an accurate and guaranteed upfront price to get rid of your mattress in the Amelia Island metro area, simply book a pickup online and enter your zip code to receive an immediate upfront price online.

You have a few possible options when it comes to donating a mattress and box springs in Amelia Island. You can try donating your old mattress to one of many different local charities or non-profit organizations located around the city. Whether or not they will accept the donation depends on the condition of the mattress. Most charities will only accept gently worn mattresses and you will most likely have to transport the mattress yourself.

If you don’t have the means to donate your mattress yourself or can’t find anyone to accept your mattress donation, you can always choose Mattress Disposal Plus to help haul away your mattress for an affordable price. We always strive to keep mattresses out of local Nassau County landfills through responsible disposal and alternative solutions which include recycling or donating your unwanted mattress to a local charity or community in need.

Yes! Scheduling a curbside pickup for your old mattress in Amelia Island with Mattress Disposal Plus is easy. You can either book curbside collection online or by texting (678) 884-4378. Then, simply provide us your zip code to check upfront pricing and local availability. Next, schedule a convenient date that you wish to have your mattress picked up.

When booking the option for mattress disposal with curbside pickup, you will also receive a discount of $5.00 off and you will not be required to be present at the time of pick up. All you need to do is place your mattress in the front yard, on the porch, in the driveway, or by the curb prior to your scheduled pickup time.

Unfortunately, we are not able to pick up any items that are contaminated by bed bugs, carpet bugs or any other active infestations in Amelia Island. We do however accept mattresses that have been treated by a pest control professional and there is no longer an active infestation.

Since Mattress Disposal Plus does attempt to recycle and donate unwanted mattresses to avoid the landfill, this helps to stop the spread of bed bugs to other people’s homes and property.

In order to get a guaranteed upfront price for mattress disposal in Amelia Island, simply give us a call or book an appointment online with Mattress Disposal Plus. Start by entering your zip code and then select the items you need removed to get your quote through our guaranteed cost calculator.

If you are satisfied with the price, pick a date that is convenient for your schedule to have your mattress picked up and hauled away in Amelia Island. Getting your quote online is the easiest way to know exactly how much it costs to get rid of your mattress without wasting any additional time.

In Amelia Island, throwing a mattress in a dumpster isn’t typically allowed unless the dumpster provider accepts them. Most municipal trash collection services won’t accept mattresses in their dumpsters and such actions could even result in a fine. If you live in an apartment complex they usually ask that you do not throw furniture, mattresses or any large bulky items away in the dumpster. Unless you rent a dumpster for your own needs, and they allow you to throw a mattress in, it is usually never allowed.

Before you throw a mattress in a dumpster always check first to see if it is allowed. If you have questions about how to get rid of your mattress properly, contact Mattress Disposal Plus and we will be happy to help.

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